Published January 31 2018

What is Audi’s Ultra Quattro system and why should buyers want it?

What is Audi’s Ultra Quattro system and why should buyers want it?

We have already touched on Audi’s impressive new Ultra Quattro system in the past, but now that more and more Audi vehicles are set to feature it, we thought we would take another look. Introduced on the 2018 Audi Q5, Audi’s Ultra Quattro is essentially a new and improved Quattro all-wheel drive system that is designed to be more efficient while still ensuring optimal grip in any and all conditions.

With Audi Ultra Quattro, you get an all-wheel drive system that is still among the most capable on the market, just like you would get with Audi’s traditional Quattro system. On the other hand, a host of improvements make Audi models equipped with the Ultra all-wheel drive system much more fuel-efficient.

A two-clutch system for Audi’s Ultra Quattro all-wheel drive makes all the difference

The major difference between Quattro and Quattro Ultra is the presence of a two-clutch system which enables the rear differential to be decoupled when all-wheel drive is not needed. For example, imagine you are driving on the highway in the middle of summer on a clear sunny day. In such a situation, the roads are clear and you are driving almost entirely in a straight line.

With Quattro all-wheel drive, all four wheels would be connected even if you don’t really need them to be. In such a case – and it’s not just Audi vehicles that have this situation -, your fuel economy will suffer from the fact that all four wheels are connected.

On the other hand, if you can decouple the rear axle when it is not needed, such as in the example described above, then you essentially all of the sudden have a front-wheel drive vehicle which will be much more fuel-efficient.

So, in other words, when Quattrois not needed, it is not in use with Quattro Ultra. And because we don’t need it all the time, we get much better fuel economy. According to Audi, Quattro Ultra can lower fuel consumption by about 0.3 liters which is quite impressive.

On the other hand, the system reacts instantaneously when a loss of traction is detected which means that you still get the added traction, stability, and safety of the traditional Quattro system, just with better fuel efficiency.

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