Published February 24 2017

The incredible 2018 Audi RS3 is coming to Canada very soon

The incredible 2018 Audi RS3 is coming to Canada very soon

Audi is known for a lot of things, starting with its Quattro all-wheel drive system, its refined and high-quality interiors, and its wide range of models that cater to a host of different needs and tastes. There is something for everyone in the new Audi vehicle lineup, including performance enthusiasts with the S and RS model lineups. And this summer the Audi RS family gets its most affordable model when the 2018 Audi RS3 finally goes on sale in Canada.

New 2018 Audi RS3 will set the benchmark in the compact performance vehicle segment

The 2018 Audi RS3 should be priced somewhere in the $55,000 to $60,000 dollar range, making it the most affordable RS model offered by Audi in Canada. That said, the RS3 is not a car that compromises, and performance enthusiasts have been waiting for it for a very long time. Set to take on the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 and the BMW M2, the new 2018 Audi RS3 will get its powertrain from the redesigned Audi TT RS which is also on its way to Canadian dealers.

That means that the new 2018 Audi RS3 will have 400 horsepower sent to all four wheels from a 5-cylinder, 2.5-liter turbocharged engine. That’s enough to get the RS3 to 100 km/h near the 4.0 second mark. Power will be sent to the wheels through a 7-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox, and carbon ceramic brakes will be available to ensure your brakes never fade when you take your RS3 out on the track.

Better yet, the 2018 RS3’s oversized exhaust outlets will scream a muscular, deep sound as you accelerate, turning heads in the process. The RS3 is certainly a world’s away from the S3, which although fast and powerful, is not as extreme as what Audi has in mind with the upcoming A3 range-topper.

The 2018 RS3 is for serious drivers looking for serious performance. It should handle, brake, and accelerate like the Audi TT RS, although it will offer four doors and a lot more convenience. The Audi RS Canadian lineup currently only features the RS7, so these new additions will certain be welcomed by enthusiasts.

A more aggressive design for the 2018 Audi RS3

Like all Audi RS models, the RS3 will feature a wider stance, more aggressive body work and exclusive wheels. Inside, the front seats have more lateral support to keep the driver and passenger in place on a track, and the 2018 RS3 will feature all of Audi’s latest safety and connectivity tech.

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