Published July 02 2019

Fourth Annual Brian Burke's Targets for Kids

Fourth Annual Brian Burke's Targets for Kids

Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

Brian Burke and KidSport have teamed up for the Fourth Annual Targets for Kids event. This unique event allows participants to form teams and shoot clay disks with a celebrity. Proceeds from the event go directly towards KidSport Calgary and the Flames EvenStrength program.

KidSport was established in 1993, they are a non-profit organization that provides financial aid to youth wanting to participate in sports. Since its introduction, KidSport has given over 750,000 children within Canada the chance to play sports. Glenmore Audi has been a proud sponsor of KidSport for many years, seeing the value in giving children the opportunity to participate.

KidSport Calgary, Hockey Calgary and the Calgary Flames each work together to support the Flames EvenStrength program. The Flames EvenStrength program is a non-profit organization that raises funds for children to play hockey. Since their establishment in 1998, this program has donated $1.4 million towards over 5000 children to play hockey in their community.

Four members of the Glenmore Audi team participated in the event this year. They were lucky enough to shoot with Adam Lowry, a centre for the Winnipeg Jets and Geoff Snider, a former-midfield for the Calgary Roughnecks. The Glenmore Audi team had a ton of fun at Brian Burke’s Targets for Kids event and looks forward to joining again next year!