Published June 04 2015

Excellent job

By Allan Berg

Excellent job

Hello Doug,

I firstly want to say "THANK YOU" for treating me very fairly with the price of my new Audi A4 that I picked up October 25.   I certainly appreciated your no hassle approach to negotiating for the price of the car.  I can say that after driving it for a month I am extremely pleased with the car and the drive.  I do believe I have changed which continent that any new vehicles I purchase will be manufactured in... 

Also Doug, I wanted to point out to you the excellent job that both Steve and Jennifer did and how professional they were.  They both made the experience of picking up the car one of the best I have had in a new car delivery. 

All the best, and I know you will have continued success when surrounding yourself with staff like Steve and Jennifer. 

Best Regards, 

Allan Berg