Published June 26 2019

AWD and the fuel economy myth

AWD and the fuel economy myth

Ten years ago, buying a AWD vehicle meant almost without exception higher fuel consumption. However, things have changed, and it is no longer true that an all-wheel drive system means less fuel economy. No offense to your neighbor who keeps saying that, but it is indeed no longer the case.

Take Audi Quattro, for example. The system is designed to operate just as effectively as Audi’s regular Quattro system in difficult conditions, but it can also disconnect itself when it is not needed. In other words, you get Quattro when you need it and only when you need it thus vastly improving overall fuel economy.

Another myth that we hear often and that is totally false, all-wheel drive vehicles are not more expensive to maintain. The progress made in recent years has led to vehicles that are very fuel efficient, but also much easier to maintain. Modern AWD vehicles require less and less compromise and are much more comfortable in harsh conditions with much better resale value.

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