Published January 31 2017

8 million Audi Quattro models on the road

8 million Audi Quattro models on the road

Audi has sold more than 8 million vehicles equipped with its legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system since the German automaker launched the system back in 1980. Audi achieved this impressive milestone this month when a new Ruby Red 2018 Audi Q5 powered by a 2.0 TFSI four cylinder engine rolled off the assembly line at Audi’s San Jose Chiapa plant in Mexico.

There are more than 30 Audi models sold in the world today that offer Quattro all-wheel drive. According to the German manufacturer, nearly half of all Audi vehicles sold worldwide are equipped with Quattro, although in North American nearly every new Audi features Quattro technology. Canadians, after all, have to deal with harsh climate conditions and snowy roads make getting around a hassle for nearly half the year, every year.

Quattro truly shines when the road is covered in snow or icy. Indeed, Audi’s patented full-time all-wheel drive system is one of the most recognized and efficient in the automotive industry. Over the years, Audi significantly improved its all-wheel drive system and now offers different versions depending on the model. Every Quattro system has the same mandate, however, which is to ensure optimal traction, grip, performance and safety on slippery road surfaces and in sharp turns.

Quattro Ultra: a new generation of Quattro

The latest Quattro system called Ultra will launch on the next-generation 2018 Audi Q5 and it will certainly be one of the most technologically advanced all-wheel drive systems on the market. Designed to improve fuel economy while ensuring the constant grip that Quattro drivers have become accustomed to, Ultra Quattro constantly monitors what is happening underneath the wheels in order to send the engine’s power to the area it is most needed.

On a dry road, however, the system can disengage in order to improve fuel economy when all-wheel drive is not need. At startup or on a particularly slippery road, Quattro Ultra can distribute power evenly between the axles in an instant and ensure optimal stability and control.

Models like the all-new 2017 Audi Q7 offer drivers the possibility of locking the center differential in order to get a perfect torque distribution ratio and tackle tougher obstacles while Audi’s high-performance S and RS models feature a sportier version of Quattro which can actively distribute torque between the rear wheels in order to effectively eliminate understeer.

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